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A great fun way for you to be actively involved in your sustainable lifestyle.

Welcome To The Adaptable Bee

The Adaptable Bee is a small home based, eco-friendly business situated between Barrydale and Ladismith in the Klein Karoo. I started the business in 2019, as a wheelchair user and hobbyist beekeeper to sell my DIY beeswax kits, to help make a better life for myself and little family. As a family we are always looking at living a eco-friendlier lifestyle, reducing our plastic waste.

While doing research I discovered beeswax wraps, we decided to make our own with some beeswax left over from my beekeeping. It was so simple to make and a great feeling making our own product, we decided to add jojoba oil as recipes suggested, but we did not include pine resin, due to food safety concerns. We have a drawer full of them now and have a cling film free home.

We are the first in South Africa to bring you these two fabulous concept. Whether you are wanting to make your own handmade beeswax wraps or try your hand at making your own beeswax candles our DIY kits are so simple and easy to use with no special equipment, no measuring, no pre-melting or blending required.

We are on a mission to reduce the amount of plastic waste and hopefully encourage more people to take care of the environment.

Through combining organic cotton with beeswax and organic jojoba oil, our Beeswax Wraps provides an environmentally conscious solution to plastics.

We also make beeswax candles and other bee related products.

Join us on a sustainable journey as we work towards creating a more natural living and use less plastic.

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DIY Beeswax Candle Making Kits

Have fun making your own 100% natural beeswax candle with this beautiful produced kit which contains everything you need to make sweet-smelling, brightly burning beeswax candles without requiring any heat. A great activity for children and adults of all ages!

DIY Beeswax Food Wrap Kit

Beeswax wraps are a perfect alternative to single-use traditional cling-wrap. Ideal for wrapping cheese, cut vegetables, fruits, snacks and anything you used to wrap in plastic. It’s a great way to brighten up your kitchen while being mindful of the environment.

Would you like to make your own beeswax wraps and turn your favourite light weight fabrics into beautiful beeswax wraps? Well, now you can thanks to our crafty “Do-It-Yourself” kits!

No special equipment, no measuring, no pre-melting or blending required. It’s as simple as shaving or grating your beeswax blend onto your fabric, and infusing the wax blend into the fabric with heat from either an oven or iron.

Our beeswax blend is also fantastic to recharge your existing wraps, whether you bought your wraps from another maker or made them yourself with another recipe your handmade wraps will have almost the same stickiness as the popular commercial ones, and can be used again, and again, and again.

Our printed instruction tells you all you need to know to make your wraps using your oven or an iron to infuse the blend into the fabric, plus a bunch of handy tips and care instructions.

What’s In The Blend?

Pure South African Beeswax and Jojoba Oil. This mix is resin-free so will suit allergy sufferers and those wanting to avoid resin due to the possible food safety issues.

How Long Does The Blend Keep?

We chose our ingredients because of their long life. Beeswax pretty much last forever, and Jojoba oil is actually a plant wax rather than an oil with an indefinite shelf life, so you can make as many or few wraps as you need right now, and the blend will be just as good to make more in a year, or two, or even longer.

DIY Beeswax Candle Making Kits & Candles

Have fun making your own 100% natural beeswax candle with this beautifully produced kit which contain everything you need to make sweet-smelling, brightly burning beeswax candles. A great activity for children and adults of all ages!

 Simply the easiest introduction to candle making in the world. Our beeswax candle making kits contain either 4, 8 or 12 sheets of beeswax, wick, ribbon and instructions to make your only candles.

These kits enable you to make at least three different types of candles without requiring any heat. This means that the kit is also ideal for use by/with children as the ideal creative craft activity.

It produces pleasing results relatively easily and the candles you create make ideal gifts

Why Beeswax Candles

100% Natural:

100% Natural and non-toxic, unlike petroleum based wax.


Combined with 100% cotton wick, beeswax candles burn longer, cleaner and brighter.


Beeswax is smokeless – ideal for those with asthma or allergies.

The simple act of burning a beeswax candle has relaxing properties and can aid in stress relief and meditation.

 Beeswax candles release negative ions which help to purify and clean your air. They are also hypoallergenic

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Chats with Melanie Brummer

Darran Colquhoun sells kits for crafters so they can make their own bees wax infused fabric wraps for covering food so they can reduce the use of single use plastics in the home. 

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