Unpackaged block only


We’ll send your 100g blocks with only their protective paper wrap (otherwise they’d stick to everything on the way to you!). No bag, no instruction sheet. Best option if you’ve been here before, you know what you’re doing and don’t need more packaging or instructions. Best option if you want to make multiple wraps yourself or for group and family activity. Unpackaged block only

See what you’ll need in description below:


7-9 business days – R50.00
3-5 business days – R100.00

Unpackaged block only


Unpackaged block only

There’s enough beeswax blend in a 100g block to make approximately:

■ 5 wraps of 20cm x 20cm, or ■ 4 wraps of 30cm x 30cm, or ■ 3 wraps of 40cm x 40cm or the exact size and shape that will best suit your needs. The total amounts of wax blend used could be more or less depending on the thickness and size of the material used.

What Do You Need?

  • Pure cotton fabric of your choice.
  • Peeler or grater.
  • Baking paper.
  • A heat source, an oven or iron. (Warming gas ovens are not suitable for beeswax wrap making. If you have a gas oven, please use the iron method.)
  • Scissors – pinking shears if you have them, but ordinary scissors work just fine as the wax blend will hold the fabric edge together.


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Unpackaged block only