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Hi I am Darran from The Adaptable Bee, I ‘ve been wheelchair bound for the last 22 years and decided to start my own business. We manufacture and sell DIY Beeswax Food Wrap Kits, and reusable beeswax wrap sets. I started my business in 2019 to make a better life for myself and little family. As a family we always looking at living a eco-friendlier lifestyle, reducing our plastic waste.

While doing research I discovered beeswax wraps, we decided to make our own with some Beeswax left over from my beekeeping. It was so simple to make and a great feeling making our own product, we decided to add jojoba oil as recipes suggested, but I did not include pine resin, as it is hard to come by and has food safety concerns. We have a drawer full of them now and have a cling film free home.

I saw DIY kits being sold in mostly the UK and Australia but not South African, so I decided to make my own, and see how it sells, unfortunately the ingredients are expensive, so I spent many nights crunching numbers and trying to locate the most cost effective but quality ingredients.

As I did not have a startup budget and limited knowledge about starting a business, I decided to approach SEDA, they assisted me financially with marketing materials, Go Digital Promotions made a one page site for me, and a few other people assisted me to get me to this point. I have added a few extra products and have more planned, I have sent out a few orders, receiving positive and encouraging reviews.

My dream for my business is to succeed, to grow and thrive, ultimately providing not only for my family  but also achieving my goal to have my own business before I turn 40 this year.

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